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Mini-Split System Installation in Santee

Control the Temperature of Each Room

Traditionally, air ducts have been the primary source of indoor air distribution in residences and commercial properties. If you are thinking of changing the way an air system works on your property, a mini-split system can revitalize your system while also using the air-duct system. A mini-split system can also be used if you have no air-ducts or would prefer to control the climate of each room separately.

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Benefits of a Ducted Mini-Split System in Your Home

A ducted air system consists of sheet metal inside the ceiling of your home. The ducts serve as both a heating and cooling system and allow air to travel through your A/C unit or furnace to each room in your house.

You might choose a ducted system if:

  • your home currently has ducts: it can be quicker and less expensive for a technician to install a ducted mini-split system if ducts that are in decent condition already exist (you would simply need to hook up the new system to the existing ventilation);
  • humidity is an issue: a ducted system is better at controlling humidity than a ductless system, which cannot remove moisture from the air in your home;
  • you want better airflow: a ductless system provides air to rooms individually, which means circulation throughout the home may become stagnant;
  • you prefer an aesthetically pleasing home: a ducted air system travels through your home through a system of vents installed in your ceiling as opposed to a ductless system that is distributed by an air handler box installed in each room.

Advantages of Choosing a Ductless Mini-Split System

A ductless air system does not have any ducts in the ceiling or walls to distribute air. Rather, this system sends air directly to small boxes attached to the top of the wall of each room. These boxes (air handlers) remove heat from the rooms separately.

You might choose a ductless system if:

  • there’s no space for ducts in your ceiling or walls: if you live in an older home without central air, or your ceilings are simply too high for a ducted air system, the ductless system might be the way to go;
  • you’re adding a room to an existing property: if you are adding on an additional room to a home that already exists or would like to install a cooling system in your garage, it would be easiest to use a ductless system for the new space;
  • you would like to decrease dust: a ducted system can get dusty if it isn’t maintained, which can be problematic for people prone to allergies; or
  • family members desire different temperatures in their rooms: sometimes a person is too warm while the other is cold, but with a ductless system each person can adjust the temperature in their room to meet their specific needs.

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